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Noni Juice

Let's first find out what noni juice is. The technical name for noni juice is morinda citrifolia. It is known as Indian mulberry, beach mulberry, great Morinda, Tahitian noni, or cheese fruit. Noni (from Hawaii) is a tree that is in the rubiaceae family. Native to South East Asia, Morinda citrifolia has spread widely through the Pacific Islands, Indian subcontinent, French Polynesia and more recently, around the Dominican Republic. However, the most prominent location for growing noni remains in Tahiti.


Noni can be found growing in shady forests, and in wide-open, rocky, and sandy shores. It can put forth between four to 8 kg grams of fruit every month as it reaches its fruition in about eightteen months. Noni can tolerate salty soils, secondary soils, and times of draught. With the ability to grow in various conditions, it can be found in different habitats such as lava strewn coastlines, volcanic terrains, and clearings or limestone outcrops. It grows up to 9 m high and produces large, dark green shiny deep vein leaves.

The noni plant grows small white flowers and fruits, year-round. This fruit is multi-faceted as it puts forth pungent odors, as it ripens. It has been called cheese fruit or vomit fruit. It has an oval shape, and reaches approximately 7 cm in size. At first, it is green then changes to yellow and on to white as the fruit ripens. It contains many seeds. It is also sometimes called a starvation fruit. Aside from the strong smell with the bitter taste, the fruit is eaten as a hunger food and in some Pacific Islands used as a food, eating it raw or cooked. Australian natives and Asians eat the fruit with salt or cooked with curry. When the seeds are roasted, they are also edible.

The noni plant has the tendency to attract Weaver ants. The Weaver, ant it will make masks from the leaves of the noni tree. These ants are protecting the plant from other parasitic insects. The odor of the fruit also alerts fruit bats who then spread the seeds.

The Tropical Agricultural College, University of Hawaii at Manoa, who publishes the analysis of fruit powder, and pure juice, reports nutrients related to noni juice. When the full fruit is analyzed, it comes up with excellent levels of dietary fiber and carbohydrates, which provides 55% and 100% of dietary intakes as measured in 100 g per day per serving. Noni pulp is low for total fats and provides high protein content.

The main micronutrient of noni pulp powder includes exceptional vitamin C content along with substantial portions of niacin, iron, and potassium, vitamin A, calcium and sodium. Tests done in a laboratory show that dietary noni juice increases physical endurance.

This very brief notation of noni juice is only intended to give you a basic idea of the fruit. There is much more to be researched to find out noni juice or fruit it is for you.


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