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Cons of Noni Juice

While there are, many pros of using noni juice there are some cons to the use of this fairly new product. Some say there has been very little research that can back the abilities of this fruit that some manufacturers claim. Of course, the manufacturers of a noni juice health supplement product would like consumers to think that it is supported by clinical research with the endorsements of doctors and other health professionals. In reality, there are limited studies that have been conducted on the effectiveness and safety of this health supplement. Even so, that does not stop manufacturers from guaranteeing that if you use noni juice it will dramatically improve your appearance, and many functions of your body.


Most manufacturers of products that contain noni fruit are completely positive that their formula will successfully retard the aging process. People who use these products may be more at peace if they use a more conventional item that works at the cellular level. There are other such products that have been developed to repair the membrane of cells and molecules that are damaged in the body. One such ingredient is 2-AEP.

Some companies that sell health supplement products will invariably push additional products on to the consumer claiming that the combination is what really does the trick. In reality, with modern technology, that just is not necessary, because there are formulas that enable the supplement to be made into one item. When you run into a situation of this nature it is suggested that you continue researching other brands and companies and their products that claim that will provide you with the result you are looking for.

Another con of drinking Noni juice is that it costs more than other drinks that claim to do the same thing. It also should be known that many companies that make products with noni juice would claim that it would heal and cure you. This claim just is not true, including the fact that there is no known research that justifies such claims. They will have actors say it cured herpes, flu or any other such disease or condition. Anything of this nature should send up a red flag. Steer clear, and further your research. Another factor to consider is that what might work for one person may not work for someone else.

On a positive note, it is found that capsule-based products that contain noni components to be the best route to introduce the ingredient to the body so it can absorb it and start its work.

It seems that the pros of drinking noni juice out weigh the cons. Most importantly though before using any health supplement, including noni juice. You should consult with your family physician for any interactions with other medications or cause and effects.


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